Woodworking is different for everyone.  For some people woodworking is a way of life and puts food on the table, while others use woodworking as a hobby or stress reliever.  No matter how you view woodworking, it tends to be an extension of yourself.  So when you create a wood piece, think of it as reflection of who you are.

 Besides the proper mind set, having the right tools is one of the single most important items when creating your master piece.  Before you create your woodworking master piece, always check your inventory to make sure you have not only the right plans, but also the right tools.  Just like a baker who arranges his ingredients on a table before he cooks, the same preparation applies for you.  Make sure your tools are in place and sharp.  This way, when you are in the right mind set and everything is clicking on all cylinders, you won’t be side tracked because either you do not have the right tool or the tool is dull and not working the way you need it to work.  I know this might sound like basic information, but sometimes we forget the most important first step, and it is always beneficial to start off right when creating a woodworking piece

Reminder – Once you have created your master piece, don’t forget to show it off in our forums, so other users can see your true woodworking skills.