This section covers women and power tools.  Over the years I have had a lot of women email me about power tools and tools in general, so I decided to write an article geared towards women and power tools.  This article is designed for a beginner DIY.  I titled the article power tools for women only because I have received so many emails from divorced women who have told me their husbands use to take care of the DIY work.  I am sure there are plenty of men who will gain valuable insight from this information also.  Again, this is for beginners.

The number one question I get is which manufacturer should I buy?  As a light home user I always recommend Black and Decker.  Black and Decker makes a good light home user tool.  The prices are one quarter the cost of a professional tool and the tools are light weight and durable.  There is no reason to spend a lot of money for a professional power tool.  Most of the work a home user will do is hanging pictures, curtains, or fixing something that is broken.  Black and Decker makes smaller volt tools, which means they are lighter and easier to handle.  They offer a 9.6 cordless drill that will work for all most any application.

Black and Decker is the perfect power tool for light home users.  They make all types of tools such as drills, saws, sanders, cut offs and more. For any type of power tool you decide you need, take a close look at Black and Decker.  There are other names out there that compete with Black and Decker, but considering Black and Decker owns Dewalt, Delta, Porter Cable and other professional tools, you can be pretty sure that they take the proven manufacturer techniques from those companies and put them into Black and Decker tools.  Another reason to go with Black and Decker is that most major stores such as Amazon, Sears and Wal-Mart carry this brand, so if you do have any troubles you can usually return tools with no problems.  You might ask why we have Black and Decker ranked third on most of our lists.  The reason we have it ranked third is that this site is dedicated to professional power tools.  Black and Decker makes a great home power tool, but for the professional job it only makes a nice paper weight.  Black and Decker didn’t design this line for the jobsite, they designed it for the home user.  If you are an occasional home user, Black and Decker is the best tool around.

I bought my wife some Black and Decker tools and occasionally I end up grabbing them to do light work.  You might ask why I bought my wife tools? No, it’s not so I can sit on the couch and watch the game while she does all the work.  I tried that and it didn’t work. For some reason she didn’t go for that.  I bought her the tools so I could teach her some things.  I figured I might as well teach her while we have the chance, I never know how long I’ll be here for.  I was never much of a Black and Decker fan, but I have to say that after using them, they are perfect for light home users. 

Another question I have received is,” what tools should I have to fix the most common problems around the house?”  Below I have listed the most important tools.  You don’t have to buy everything, such as the circular saw.  Remember, never use a tool you don’t feel comfortable with, safety first.  You will probably never need a circular saw, but I have had questions on it so I decided to include it. 

For non power tools, I would recommend buying Stanley tools.  Stanley has been around a long time and they stand behind their tools.

The perfect Tool Box to fix anything

Tool Box – There are many sizes and shapes of tool boxes available.  Try to buy a tool box that that is simple and light weight.  Look for one that has a top tray that is removable, so you can store more items below.

Tape Measure – Look for a tape measure that has a rubber coating around it and that will measure anything up to 25 ft in length.  For the most part everything you measure will be under 10 feet, but having a little extra capability is always useful when needed.

Utility Knife – There are many types and manufacturers of utility knives.  This is a very handy tool to own.  It is a simple tool that has a handle and a razor blade.  As simple as it is, a utility knife has many uses.  If you decide on buying one, buy a Alltrade.  It cost a couple dollars more, but it is worth it.  Most utility knives require you to use a screw driver to replace the blades and can be very cumbersome.  The Alltrade is a great tool, and I own about four of them myself.  To change the blade, just push a button and you can flip the blade. When adding blades you don’t even need to open the tool.  Plus the knife has a great grip and fits around your hand.

Torpedo Level – A torpedo level will help make everything you hang level.  It is a tool that is filled with color liquid and has an air bubble inside.  These levels are usually 9 inches long.  Its great for hanging pictures.  Remember always use your own judgment.  Stand back and look at the picture.  I have seen numerous times where a wall has lined wall paper and the wall paper is not perfectly parallel to the floor.  Sometimes it looks better and the eye will never know if you hang the picture straight with the lines, even if it truly isn’t level.

Combination Square – A combination square is very handy.  This square can help you with 90 degree or 45 degree angles,.  The little metal rod also has a measure guide on it, although you probably won’t use it.  There is also a mini level on them.  The main reason for the square is to help make sure things are square and help make a perfect line if you need to cut anything.

Hand Saw – A hand saw has two basic sizes, small and large.  The blade is usually around 15 inches long or 30″ long.  I would suggest going with the 15 inches.  I own both but never use the 30″  I have more control and it is easier for me to use the 15″.  The 30″ gives you longer stroke lengths so you don’t have to go back and forth so much, but the blades today are very sharp so it will pretty much cut through the wood quickly.

Hammer – A hammer is for pounding in and removing nails.  Make sure you buy a claw hammer.  There are other hammers such as a demolition hammer that have a bigger head, but it is also heavier and the claw is straight, it is not designed for removing nails.  Besides making sure it is a claw hammer, get one that has a rubber grip.  A rubber grip is easier to hold and has less vibrations when hammering.

Drill – You can buy a corded or cordless drill.  I would suggest a cordless Black and Decker 9.6V.  They make smaller drills, but the 9.6v is not that heavy and will be more than enough to handle most home jobs.  A corded will probably be too much power for most applications, plus the cord is more of a hassle.

Screwdriver – I would look to buy a set of screw drivers.  Buy a set that contains Phillips and flat heads. The most common Philips is a 1,2,3 size.  Personally, I would buy the set from Sears.  They have a forever guarantee and they are all over.  If you ever break the screwdriver, just walk in and show them.  No questions asked they will hand you the the same kind back.

Clamps – Clamps will come in handy when you are gluing something together.  These also come in sets and I would recommend buying a set that contains a couple of hand clamps that are smaller and a couple of large clamps for bigger projects.  There are two types of clamps: quick grip and hand tight clamps.  Hand tight is clamping by the force of your hand.  Quick grips use a trigger and as you press the trigger the clamps squeeze down.  I would go with the quick grip. 

Sander – There are numerous sanders available.  The best for an all around sander is a random orbital sander, variable speed.  You can use this type of sander on most applications.  This type of sander spins and wiggles, but never in the same way.  It is great for removing large amounts of wood or perfect to remove just a little bit, if you are applying a finish.  A variable speed would be best as you can adjust the speed depending upon your application.  Also look for one that has a dust bag attachment that collects most of the saw dust.  Black and Decker makes a vary good variable orbital sander.

Staple Gun – A staple gun is great for fastening all types of material.  I use it mostly for fabric when making foot stools or if the fabric from the sofa or chair comes undone.  I would recommend buying the new type of stapler, the power stapler.  Old staplers had the handle in the back.  The new staplers have the handle in the front, so when you push down, the pressure is being applied to where the staple comes out.  With the newer stapler you will have more luck with the staples making it in the project the first time.

Pliers I mixed this together.  Pliers, wire cutters and needle nose pliers.  You can buy this in a kit and would recommend it.  These come in handy when trying to hold a bolt in place when you are trying to tighten it.  The wire cutter obviously cuts wire. There will be  times when you need these.  Needle nose pliers have a long front on the pliers and are designed for getting in tight spaces.  Again, not another tool you will use every day, but when you need them, they are nice to have around.

T – Bevel – The purpose of this tool is to help fabricate pieces that are not square.  The idea behind this is to measure the angle.  You put this tool on the project and line up the two sides.  This will get the angle for you and you can transfer it to any piece of work you are doing.

Plumb Bob  – A plumb Bob uses the law of gravity.  There is a string attached to the metal Bob.  A plum bob is the level for a vertical measurement, such as hanging closet doors.  When you hold it up in the air, the bob hangs below, at the exact spot below and at top, you then have a true vertical line that is correct.

Circular Saw – You may never use a circular saw and if you don’t feel comfortable, don’t use it.  They are very powerful and are designed to cut through thick wood, so they can do some damage to a human if they are not careful.  If you decide to buy one, Black and Decker offers a nice model that is very light weight, but powerful enough to cut through some serious lumber.

If you have questions please feel free to contact me or look at the forums