What can you say about power tools.  They are the modern day club for men and women.  Power tools are fun, exciting and lets face it, they are just cool.  They have power, speed, torque and much more.  Some are small and some are large.  But most of all power tools are intricate, seriously designed machines that are not toys. HANDLE WITH CARE!!

When you buy a power tool, your are not just buying a drill or a table saw, your buying an extension of yourself.  This is one of the most important things to consider about power tools, the tool is you!  So when you buy a power tool, make sure it is the one you want even if its a couple dollars more. This is my philosophy.  I am going to own this tool for years. If I skimp on the one I really need, it could be dangerous,  and not work the way I need it to. The work I do with this tool reflects me, so when it comes down to it, I spend the money to get the right one!!

Also don’t forget to maintain your power tools.  Yes, I talk about it but I also forget to do it myself.  All of us need to get into the habit or cleaning the tools when we are finished using them.  This will add life to the power tools. For example, blow out the motors so they don’t run as hot, and make sure the tools make are maintained according to the manual.  Also, make sure you use good bits and blades.  Keep them sharp, as this will add life to your power tools.

Again, a power tool is an extension of yourself.  Treat it as part of you and it will treat you well too.