Milwaukee M12 Copper Tubing Cutter 2471

This is a tool that has been in the Milwaukee M12 arsenal for a long time.  I believe they have had this tool out since late 2008 or early 2009. Personally I think this is a must have tool.  Not only will this help with getting in tight spaces, but it will also help with production.  The Milwaukee M12 Copper Tubing Cutter will make your life easier, plain and simple.

This cutter uses a blade copper cutting wheel to make fast accurate cuts.  The cutter has a 500 rpm motor which means you can cut pipe much faster than the traditional way.  Even the head is well thought out.  Place a pipe in the front and it will automatically adjust to any size pipe from 3/8″ to 1″ which pretty much covers all the major sizes.  As you know copper pipes are filled with water and water can wreck metal parts. Milwaukee designed this with a stainless steel and sealed front end to prevent this tool from getting damaged from water.

The tool weighs about 3.2 lbs, so it's not heavy even when working overhead.  As I said earlier, you can really get into tight spaces with this tool.  While the length is 14″, you only need about 2″ of clearance for the front of the cutters to get into.  As with the other Milwaukee tools, this has a built in battery fuel status gauge.

One item I would really like to see improved with this tool is the battery.  Milwaukee has 2 Ah batteries available on the market.  This kit comes with their old 1.5 Ah battery.  You will still get 200 cuts per charge, but having the 2 Ah battery will easily increase the production of this tool.

Overall I have to say I still love this tool.  I have talked with numerous plumbers who live by this tool.  I always hear the same thing that this tool just makes their life much easier and who can argue with a pro?


  1. I’ve had one of these for 4 years and it’s a great machine . Got to say though mine spends more time in the van than on site . If your on large scale projects it would be a god send cutting meters and meters of copper but in the domestic setting stick to the slice it’s just as quick .

  2. Make easy work of cutting copper with this neat tool from Milwaukee. That sums it up! This little tool has been such a time saver for me, and has saved my back on several occasions. Being able to reach into tight spaces is one of the best feature of this tool. And I have to agree with Acme Tools, you did do an excellent review.

  3. I’m not a plumber in no means, I don’t do plumbing work to often so it is not for me, but I would most certainly make it easier. I have plumbers that use this tool and they can’t find any thing wrong with it. Great tool review.

  4. Love this thing, has also saved me headache in a tight spot up inside a wall. Cutting a lot of copper for water lines or hydronics is so much fun since I got it a year ago or so. One important thing to note!! It will get water on the head when you cut a pipe with water in it. After you are done cutting for the time being, spray it down with WD 40 very well, or it will start sticking once it has dried out. It will also collect dust and dirt so the spray of oil also helps to “flush” the debris out of the head. This has been a huge benefit and fixed every nuisance I had before I realized this thing needs simple maintenance; imagine that, tools needing maintenance? ha #tiacrew

  5. Hi, guys. This is definitely a professional plumber’s tool; I’d have trouble justifying the need or expense as a homeowner. My first impression was that the head is too big for many situations under a sink. However, if you have to reach into a wall or other area where you can’t swing (or even reach) pipes using a small tubing cutter, this will get the job done. It appears to be a time-saver on large jobs (like new construction). Obviously, it cuts copper, but how does it work with PVC pipe or PEX? Do you need to change out the cutter wheel(s) for other materials?

    My other comment was that this looks like a tool Ridgid would have come out with first. Do you know if that’s the case, or did Milwaukee scoop the rest of the industry?


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