Ryobi (Bench) Belt/Desk sanders are great and are fairly priced. Compared to their competition in the power tool world, I really like this sander for a couple of reasons. First, it has a nice cast iron base (yes, it is heavy), but if you are into power tools, you won’t complain about a base that is too heavy. I am kind of like an ape. When I am sanding, I apply to much pressure. I am not sure why, its just habit. With this heavy base, the sander stays in place and doesn’t move. Most of these sanders have mounting brackets to attach to a bench if you want. One word of caution, I have seen Ryobi and some of the other companies make hard plastic bases for the sander. Do not get these. For a couple extra bucks, get something that has a good base that will stay in place.

Second, for the price, this sander has plenty of amps. Depending upon the model, there are around 4.3 amps, which is sufficient for most jobs. Most of the competition offers a lot less amps for more money. If you are looking for a nice bench sander for the house, I would go with this sander and not even give it a second thought.

Ryobi has a line of bench sanders, but as I said above do not get the hard plastic base. The most popular or best seller is the 4.3 amp which is shown in the picture above. Nice speed, nice power. A couple people have complained about the table not being sturdy enough, but I have never had a problem with the table as long as you tighten it.

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