Ryobi miter saws come in 10″ and 12″ saws. I am not sure why, but they don’t make a compound slider, which you may or may not be looking for. Personally, I am not a huge fan Ryobi’s miter saw. I think you get a better bang for your buck somewhere else. If you are looking for a nice home miter saw, I would go with the Craftsman.¬†Also, for a little more money the Dewalt makes a great Miter saw. I think you get more with these other two brands than with Ryobi miter saws, but again that’s just my opinion.

After using all these saws, I wasn’t impressed with the Ryobi. Even through most 12″ have e a 15amp motor, it just seemed the Ryobi would bog down easier. In addition, the table did not seem to line up and give a nice cut.

Ryobi Miter Saws come in 10″ and 12″. Before you buy a saw, think about what you will be cutting. A 12″ is very nice to have when you need it, but it will be heavier and take up more room.

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