Ryobi Circular saws in my opinion are sufficient for average jobs. I would buy one if I could get a good deal. Like the Miter saws, I think Ryobi’s circular saws are ok. I think you can get a lot better bang for your buck some where else, such as Skil, Dewalt or Milwaukee. If you are a home user, I would go with the Skil. They make an incredible circular saw, good enough to even show off at the jobsite. I have used the Skils over and over and love them.

The Ryobi circular saws just don’t feel right in my hand, but again that is just my opinion. When I cut through certain wood with a new blade, it just bogs down. I can pick up my Skil or Dewalt and it just rips right through the same wood like butter. If you are looking to get a circular saw, take a closer look at Skil.
This is only for the circular saw, as I really like the Ryobi trim saw.

Ryobi Circular Saws come in a wide variety of amps, features and sizes. Think about what you will be using the saw for and then decide which one to go with. If you get something too powerful for your needs, you will just end up getting arm fatigue for nothing.

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