Ryobi makes a very economical and durable bench grinder. I have seen a lot of bench grinders at friend’s homes and shops. I have seen everything from brand names to no names. To me, if you are looking for a bench grinder, I would consider price as the major factor. Obviously you want to look at power and compare grinders to grinders. But a bench grinder is not something you have to hold in your hands, so there is a lot less to consider. Hint – A bench grinder usually gets mounted to a bench or work table hence the name. Since this type of grinder is not commonly used everyday, one thing you can do is mount it to a piece of plywood that’s just a little bigger than the base of the grinder. Then you can use clamps to attach it to your workspace. This way when you are done you can unclamp the grinder and move it out of the way.┬áThis is just a good way to save precious work space.

Ryobi makes two common bench grinders. The most popular bench grinder is the 6 inch. There is more than enough power for most jobs. Ryobi offers the bench grinder in a 2.1 amp. Some of their models have a work light attached to it, which can get in the way depending upon what you are working on. The nice feature with Ryobi’s work light is the flexible shaft, so you can bend the light down in the back to move it out of the way in case the light obstructs your work.

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