The Ridgid Wet/Dry vacuum is one of the best vacuums on the market and for the price it is a good purchase if needed. Personally, when it comes to wet/dry Vacs, the only two brands that dominate this market are the Ridgid and the Shop-Vac.

Ridgid offers one of the strongest motors that has been tested and has received numerous positive awards from different organizations over the years. There is not much to really talk about for vacuums because most of the manufacturers offer the same accessories and gallons, but not the same quality. If you are looking for a great wet/dry vacuum, take a look at the Ridgid. You will not be disappointed.

Ridgid Wet/Dry Vacuums come from a long line. Ridgid has push vacs, wall vacs and carry vacs depending on the job you need to get done. They offer vacuums from a 3 gallon battery to 16 gallon battery.

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