Ridgid table saws can be bought at most home centers or online. I have used the table saw a couple of times and did like its feel. The first thing I noticed about these saws was the fence, which to me is the most important item on a table saw. The fence is strong, straight and stays in place. I have used a lot of table saws over the years and can not believe how many saws have cheap fences that either are not straight or don’t lock tight.

What ever saw you get, make sure the fence locks and is straight, even with pressure. This will allow cleaner work and most important, help prevent kick backs.

Ridgid offers a couple table saws, a stationary table saw and a portable table saw. The Ridgid portable saw comes in a 15 amp with a 10″ blade. A table saw is an expensive purchase. Before you buy the saw, think about where you will be using it. Will it just sit in a workshop where you bring the wood to the table, or are you going to be taking the saw to the wood, where ever that might be?

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