Head Quarters – USA
Established – 1923
Parent Company – Emerson
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Tool Known for– Pressing, Nailers, Drill, Table Saw, Circular Saw



Ridgid is owned by Emerson and traded publicly on the NYSE under the ticker symbol EMR.  Emerson has over 60 different divisions in the company with Ridgid being one of them.  There are a lot of reasons Rigid is popular, but the main reason is their Wet/Dry Vacuum.  They starting making this in 1965.  They still put their name on the Vacuum, but they also make it for Sears and Home Depot.  Ridgid Power Tools and Bench Stationary tools are made by TTi,just like RyobiRidgid Power tool accessories are made by Disston, and Ridgid Plumbing tools are still made by Ridge Tools.

Emerson makes a lot of well know power tools, but they don’t always have their name on them.  One example would be they make  Craftsman toolsfor Sears.  Ridgid is one of the only major brands that tries to find a niche market.  While most companies really try to either market their tools to the professional user or the home user (Yes these companies say its professional grade), Ridgid tries to make a quality power tool that is designed for both the home do it your user and the professional user.

If your looking for a good quality tool, Ridgid might be a company worth looking into. Remember,  just because it doesn’t say Ridgid on the side doesn’t mean its not a Ridgid power tool.


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