Porter Cable nail guns are reliable, easy to use and have all the features. They offer everything from palm nailers to framing nailers and even a couple of specialty nailers. They also offer the coil or stick models. The Porter Cable nailer is the least likely to jam, which is very common with nailers. Just make sure you always unplug the nailer from the power source and make sure there is no air in the chamber before you try to un jam the nail gun.

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Porter Cable Nail Guns – There are a lot of options to nailers, but the most important is making sure you have the right air compressor to power the gun. Porter Cable nailers have basically ever feature you can think of and a lot of models to chose from. Before you buy a nailer, consider what the application will be. Once you know what you will be using it on, the choices for the right nail gun are pretty straight forward.

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