Another incredible innovation from Milwaukee tools is the new V28. The V28 is the highest volt rating of any cordless tool. Before the highest volts were the 24 Volts systems. The V28 is revolutionizing the cordless tool industry. The V28 is based of the Li-Ion battery technology. This technology is incredible because the first use of the battery is just as powerful as the last use. All most all the manufacturers now offer the Li-Ion technology. The new system is also very light weight. The new V28 should be heavier than all other batteries, but actually it is lighter than the 18 Ni-Cad. Not only is the battery lighter, but it produces much more power than the Ni-Cad batteries.

Milwaukee created the first battery with an actual fuel gauge. No more picking up a battery wondering how much charge is left. This battery will actually tell you how much power is left. Even though the Li-Ion technology is the same that is used in the cell phone, Milwaukee put a new spin on the battery cells and made them better and geared them towards power tools. Milwaukee V28 truly can deliver an awesome amount of power.

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Milwaukee V28 – Milwaukee’s V28 line includes a Hammer Drill, Trim Saw, Sawzall, Portable Band Saw, Impact Wrench and Rotary Hammer. The V28 is expensive, so before you buy this combo kit figure out what applications you will be using it for. This is one heck of a combo kit. I was lucky enough to try the drill and the saw and I loved it.

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