In my mind the Milwaukee Sawzall is the perfect tool, not only is it fun, its practical. Whether you have to demolish a house or just cut through some pipe, the Milwaukee Sawzall is the perfect tool. They thought of everything when they built this tool. The quick-Lok blade system is incredible. The Quick-Lok system will hold the blade in place no matter how much pressure or what angle you use the saw. No other Reciprocating saw can do this. Milwaukee’s system is so powerful the blade will break first before it comes loose from the tool.

Milwaukee also incorporates an orbital action, meaning the blade not only moves back and forth, but it also moves up and down. This will help the user cut through wood like butter. Another nice feature on the Sawzall is the 10 foot Quick-Lok cord. The cord is separate from the saw and when you can to use it, just lock the cord in. Once the cord is locked in place it will not go anywhere. The locking cord is nice because during demolition or use in general, you might cut the cord by dropping something on it. Now with this system, you don’t have to take the tool apart, just grab another cord and your ready for action.

The Milwaukee Sawzall incorporates a patented gear protection system which absorbs high impact forces caused by the blade locking up, which helps insure the tool is safe and lasts a long time. The Sawzall also has a patented counter balance system which makes the operation of this saw extremely smooth. The saw is also fitted with a blade speed control so you can adjust on a dial how fast the saw moves back and forth. Different applications require different speeds.

When Milwaukee designed the Sawzall, they though of every use for this tool and made it absolutely perfect. This is truly one of the best tools ever made from any manufacturer. Not to mention the over all balance is great and has a nice handle on the front to make sure you have a good grip on the tool.

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Milwaukee Sawzalls – Milwaukee offer a couple different Sawzalls. They have a 10, 11 and 13 amp saw. They also have one with a pivoting head and a hatchet saw for tight spots. Another difference in the Sawzall is the stroke length, how far the blade moves back and forth. The lengths are from 3/4″ to 1 1/4″. It might not seem like a lot, but the extra 1/2″ will give you a lot more cutting ability. The 11 amp orbital will rip down anything you could ever want to.

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