In January 2005 Milwaukee Tools was sold to Techtronic Industries of Hong Kong.  Why is this important?  Because sometimes history can predict the future.  Take Porter Cable as an example.  Porter Cable had an outstanding name and reputation.  In the 60’s it was sold to Rockwell international and the name went down from their.  They had unprecedented tool returns and failures in their tool business.  It wasn’t until almost 20 years later that the company finally turned around.

Now am I saying this is going to happen with Milwaukee Power Tools?  No, not at all, but we do need to be aware this can happen.  Techtronic Industries owns Ryobi, AEG, DreBo, Homelite and Hoover just to name a few.  Also Techtronic Industries still operates in Europe, North America and Asia.  So the good news is that a known company bought out Milwaukee, the bad news is how are they going to treat this new company.  Are they going to keep the tradition alive or are they just going to cut corners to make the bottom line.  In November 2006, they named a new president of Milwaukee tools, again, this could be good or bad.  I couldn’t find out why they let go of the other president.


  • Most of the tools will still be made in the same facilities as they have always been made.  This means the standard should be the same

  • Homelite is a very good tool that has a very high customer satisfaction rate. This shows they care somewhat about the final product.

  • The company still kept a lot of the same people and research facilities. So hopefully this is a seamless integration


  • Hong Kong has a different set of regulations than Sweden, theirs being a little less stringent.

  • The company focuses on numerous divisions, hopefully Milwaukee tools doesn’t get lost with all the layers.

  • Hopefully they don’t use cheaper parts from Ryobi’s lines to put into Milwaukee’s line to make a bigger bottom line profit.  Don’t get me wrong. Ryobi is great for a home user, but I would never show up on a job site with a Ryobi in hand.

In the end will I still buy a Milwaukee power tool?  Of course I will, I still like the feel, power and other features.  I know it has been two years since the purchase, but now is the time that the new designs and features are coming to market from when they were on the drawing board.  I will keep you up to date or if you have anything to add, please let us know on the forums.

Update – 6/2008.  We have been monitoring different forums, BBB and a couple other places and haven’t seen a real increase in complaints.  As of now it looks like Techtronic is still producing a good quality tool in Milwaukee Tools.  We willbe testing the V28 shortly