Milwaukee circular saws are exceptional. Circular saws haven’t changed over the years, but that didn’t stop Milwaukee. They created the exclusive Tilt-Lok. The Tilt-Lok lets the user adjust the handle on the saw to which ever position is the most comfortable. Might not sound like much, but it is. This allows the user to work in all most any space, see the work ahead of them and most important cause less fatigue, which means better safety.

Milwaukee uses Helical Steel gears for longer life. Their circular saws are very light, coming in around ten pounds, depending upon the model you buy. Milwaukee also offers worm drive circular saws.

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Milwaukee Circular Saws – Milwaukee offers a full line of circular saws on the market and most of them have 15 amps. The offer a 7 1/4″, 8 1/4″ or 10 1/4″ saw. The most common saw is the 7 1/4″. This will take care of all most any application. I would stick with the 7 1/4″ because of weight and the ease of finding blades, plus the blades are less expensive.

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