Head Quarters – Hong Kong
Established – 1924
Parent Company – Techtronic Industries Co
Current News – News
Tool Known for – Sawzall, Drills, Hole Hawgs, Portable Band Saws, Circular Saw, Screw Gun, V28, Cordless Kits.


Milwaukee Power Tool Company is a privately held company located in Hong Kong and is an industry leading manufacture of heavy duty tools used worldwide.  Milwaukee was established in 1924 by A.F. Siebert with the hole shooter.  The hole shooter was the first lightweight, portable one handed 1/4″ capacity drill.  In 1949 the Milwaukee Power Tool Company created the unique right angle drill.  In 1951 they created the famous Sawzall, one of my favorite tools of all time.  In 1970 the Hole-Hawg was born.   Milwaukee Tool Company currently sells tools all over the world to professionals through varies distribution channels, such as tool distributors, home centers, catalogs, specialty stores and web base retail stores.

Milwaukee Power Tool Company currently offers over 500 different power tools ranging from drills and sawzalls to rotary hammers and sanders.  Any power tool you can think of, Milwaukee offers it, even a cordless caulking gun.  Milwaukee offers over 3500 accessories that support their tools.  They offer blades, drill bits, grinding wheels and more.  Milwaukee currently offers one of the longest warranties, which on most items is five years.

Milwaukee Tools is the pioneer to the V28 system. They have created the new 28 Volt cordless battery based on Li-Ion technology.  This produces a more powerful, lighter and longer lasting battery

Milwaukee tools was purchased in July 1995 by Atlas Copco of Sweden.  Atlas continued the tradition of creating exceptional power tools.  However, recently Techtronic Industries Co bought Milwaukee in January 2005.  See Milwaukee Bought Out

In 2005 Milwaukee introduced their new line of safety called Jobsite Armor.  The new line includes gloves, eyewear, hearing protection and respiratory protection.  In October they introduced a new 1/2″ hammer drill.

Milwaukee Tool Company makes a variety of Milwaukee Power Tools and are known for their quality, but they are best known for the Sawzall.


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