Makita offers a couple different models of die grinders and a variety of angle grinders. The die grinder is well suited for small applications that may or may not need to get into a tight spot. A die grinder will sand, cut and polish. An angle grinder is a bigger power tool and designed to remove larger amounts of material, polish, cut and more. Makita uses top notch steel and they have an awesome motor system that is employed in their grinders. The grinders have a ball bearing system that help prevent heat build up. Before you buy a grinder, think about what applications you we need the grinder for.

Makita Grinders – Makita offers different models of grinders. They have angle grinders and die grinders. The options are numerous depending upon the job you will be using the grinder for. The most important thing is making sure you buy a grinder with enough power for the application. I would also look for a grinder that has a variable speed.
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