Makita is known not only for their cordless drill, but also for their corded drills.  Makita uses premium grade steel for their gears and 97% pure cooper for the magnetic wire for current flow.  Makita drills are also known for their low decidable operation.  These have stood the test of time and are considered true professional power tools.  Makita offers a variety of corded drill options and you should decide on the job function of the drill and then pick your correct corded drill. 

Makita Corded Drills – Makita offers all most any drill you could ever ask for.  They have the 3/8 and 1/2 chuck, keyed and keyless, spade drills and hammer drills.  If your looking for a simple drill to use around the house, I would go with the 1/2 drill.  Chances are you may never use a 1/2 bit, but if you have that one goofy need for a bigger bit, you will all ready have the tool.

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