Hitachi makes a great table saw. They don’t offer a lot of variety, but then who does for table saws. I like their cabinet table saw because it uses an induction motor. The table is very solid, as it should be. One thing I like about the Hitachi table saw is its fence. Some manufactures use cheap fences and a cheap lock down system. This is my biggest pet peeve, because this is what causes most accidents due to bind up. Hitachi uses a nice locking mechanism that once in place stays in place, and you don’t have to worry about any movement.
One item I still can not figure out is their jobsite table saw. I don’t think they manufacture it for Craftsman, but it sure does look identical, even down to the very screws. I have heard mixed feedback on this tool. Some say they do manufacture it for Craftsman, while others say they do not. I guess it doesn’t matter, but if you are looking at this table saw, take a look at the Craftsman, you might get a better deal for the exact same saw.

Hitachi Table Saw – Hitachi offers around 5 different table saws. They offer a cabinet saw, jobsite saw and a couple others. Their 10″ saws use a 15 amp motor as most other manufacturers use the same. This is definitely enough power, just make sure your blades stay sharp so they will last you a long time.

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