Hitachi Demolition Drills

What can I say, these are the types of tools I love, the “heavy boys.” I would say Hitachi Rotary hammer and demolition tools are right up their with Hilti and Bosch. Hitachi makes some great concrete tools with low vibration, but yet still powerful. I like the SDS bits the best. They are more expensive, but quick changing and never get stuck or come loose.
When you are using this type of tool, it is usually for heavy applications that take time and endurance, so it is important to find a tool that does most of the work for you without wearing you out. You want to find a tool that has low vibrations and low impact on you. Remember that with any power tool, it will only put out so much power. Where is that power going to, is it going into your arms, staying in the tool or transferring into your work. The more you can transfer into your work, the easier your job is. This is exactly what I like about the Hitachi Concrete tools. Hitachi Rotary tools transfer a lot of their energy away from your body into your work. If you are looking at getting some concrete tools, I would take a look at Hitachi rotary tools. They would make a great addition.

Hitachi Rotary and Demolition Drills – Hitachi offers Demolition hammers, Rotary SDS, Rotary Spline and masonry saws. They also offer a wide variety. This is nice because you can match the tool with the type of work you will be doing.

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