Hitachi Angle Grinder


If you are looking for variety when considering grinders, Hitachi is the manufacturer you want. (well they run neck and neck with Bosch). Most of Hitachi grinders are very light, which makes them a perfect grinder, especially for overhead work. The times I have used the Hitachi grinders, I have been pleased. They definitely have power, but what I liked the most was I could feel the work in my hands, but not like other grinders with the vibrations. These grinders seem like they can take a real load without bogging down. We popped a metal concrete blade on the grinder and tested the tool by cutting through concrete with a lot of pressure and I was impressed with the performance.
When accessing the brushes, even though I never have had to replace one, it was very easy to do. One feature I really like which most grinders have now is the back rest. I would have to say that for grinders, Hitachi is definitely one of my favorite manufacturers.

Hitachi Grinder – Hitachi offers a variety of grinders, from a 1″ Die Grinder to a 9″ Angle Grinder. The motors range from 5 amps to 15 amps depending on the job you are using them for.

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