Not too long ago if you saw someone using a Hitachi drill, you might have asked him at what carnival game did he win it? Even though they were great drills, they just never got their name known to the market. Not too long ago they went through a branding phase. Changed colors, advertised more, and things rolled from there.
They also added new technology and new models for the home and professional consumer. No a days, we wouldn’t think twice about seeing someone with a Hitachi Cordless Drill, we would just ask, “How do you like the drill?” The answer you would get most of the time is, “Its a great drill with no problems.” I haven’t seen a lot of complaints about the Hitachi cordless drills
Well, I have to say these are very nice drills, they are powerful, solid, and have a good balance, and they feel just right in your hand.
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Hitachi Cordless Drill – Hitachi offers a variety of cordless drills, but the new Lithium Ion drills are currently available in a 14.4 and 18V. They have a good amp rating between 1.5 and 3.0. You can also find these drills in their combo kits. Hitachi offers a wide range of combo kits that have different drills and other tools in the kits. Just check the combo kits because sometimes you can find a very good deal.