Head Quarters – Tokyo
Established – 1910
Parent Company – Hitachi
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Tool Known for – Concrete Tools, Drills, Saws

Hitachi was founded in 1910 by Namihei Odaira.  Hitachi started as an electrical repair shop and in 1915 developed a water turbine.  From then on,  they started developing trains, generators, elevators, hard drives, power tools, large machines and more.  As you can see, Hitachi is the Japanese GE. 

Currently, Hitachi has over 384,000 employees and operates worldwide.  Hitachi has an office or manufacturing plant on every continent except Antarctica. 

Hitachi knows a lot about different business sectors, but one area they really know is construction. They work with everything from large machines to move the earth to a small Lithium ion cordless battery drill.  Hitachi’s power tool division makes a variety of Hitachi Power Tools.   Some of their most widely used power tools are the cordless drill, table saw and without question, concrete tools.

Hitachi Drills

Hitachi Circular Saw

Hitachi Rotary and Demolition Drills

Hitachi Table Saws

Hitachi Angle Grinders