I use to think a diamond blade was a diamond blade, but after using a lot of Hilti’s blades, now I think a lot different. I am not sure what it is, maybe the engineering, but Hilti has some of the best blades I have ever used. Most of my saws and grinders now have Hilti’s blades on them. I have cut through so much junk I shouldn’t have, yet these blades never seem to crack or get dull. I have used a lot of other diamond blades that seem okay, but they do wear down a lot faster and heat up quicker.

The grinding wheels are used a lot on my tools. These seem to hold up a lot better and do not crack or wear down as quickly as some of the other brands. I am not saying to go out and throw all your blades out and buy Hilti, but if you are looking for that one nice blade for the finer work, take a look at the Hilti blades.

Hilti offers a lot of different types of cutting blades in their product line. Some of the most common are Diamond blades, grinding cup wheels, cutting discs diamond wires and slitting discs.

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