For me there are only two true hammer drills on the market, the Boschand the Hilti. Honestly, I can’t say one is better than the other because I love them both. The Hilti feels great in your grip, has a lot of power, and the energy stays in the work, not in your arms. The Hilti Hammer Drill can take a huge beating and will keep on working. This tool is a serious power tool and if you are looking for a top hammer drill, I wouldn’t think twice about paying the extra money and getting the Hilti.

I have never talked with anyone who doesn’t like the Hilti. This is one of the tools that is perfect in ever way, just like the Milwaukee Sawzall.

Hilti Hammer Drills – Hilti offers a lot of hammer drills ranging from corded to cordless drills. Before you go out and buy a cordless hammer drill, think about what type of applications you will be using it for. Sometimes a cordless is very nice, but it can slow the job down as the battery drains.

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