Hilti offers some very nice grinders in their product line. I have always been a big fan of the Bosch grinder. However, the Hilti grinders are also very nice. They feel good in you hand, along with good balance. Another nice feature that Hilti grinders offer and others do not is energy transfer. Most grinders I have used transfer a lot of the energy from the tool into your arms. In Contrast, with the Hilti , you will still feel some of the work, but it doesn’t seem like as much energy gets transferred into your arm as others grinders.

One nice feature about the Hilti grinders is the dust hood. If you have every used one of these grinders, you know they kick up alot of dust. This hood is nice, as it captures most of the dust and lets you see the work easier.
Hilti offers a variety of grinders in their product line. Depending upon what type of work or job you will be doing, Hilti offers a grinder right for the job

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