I have used a lot of demolition tools over the years and the top two manufacturers are Bosch and Hilti tools. The Hilti tools can easily take on any job, take a beating and keep on going.

I have left these tools behind walls that got knocked down with all the concrete landing on the tools, but they just keep working.  You will pay more money for the Hilti demolition tools, but they are worth every penny. Demolition will wear your arms and your body down, so nothing is more important than having the right tool for the right job. Once you match the Hilti tool for the job, the demolition project moves just fine. I still get fatigued, but when using the Hilti tools, I noticed the fatigue is not coming from the tool as much as the job. Certain tools you have to fight while on the job, and that can wear you out. The Hilti tools truly seem to help make the job easier.  Their breakers are incredible, and the amount of energy they transfer to the work instead of to your arms is amazing.

Hilti Demolition Tools – Hilti offers Hammer drills, Rotary Hammers, Combi Hammers and break hammers. All these demolition tools are ideal for any demo job.

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