Dewalt table saws are incredible. The are a little more expensive than other manufacturers, but worth it. They use high grade material in every aspect of the table, motor and accessories. Their turn adjustments are smooth and accurate. The most important item on a table saw is the Rip Fence. Most people get hurt with a table saw because the rip fence wasn’t adjusted right, which can cause kick backs. The Dewalt Rip Fence system ensures that the fence is always parallel to the blade. I have worked with a lot of table saws. Some other manufacturers have chintzy rip fences and it can become a real pain when making a cut.

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Dewalt Table Saws – Dewalt makes a variety of table saws, but they are all 10″ which is the perfect size. They offer stationary and portable saws. A table saw is an expensive purchase. Before you buy the saw, think about where you will be using it. Will it just sit in a workshop where you bring the wood to the table or are you going to be taking the saw to the wood, where ever that might be?