Dewalt makes a lot of drills ranging in sizes and amps. Dewalt drills feature a Helical cut steel, heat treated gears that help make the drills last longer with more durability. The drills have a metal gear housing that helps absorb the hits on the drill and also increases the durability of the drills. On Dewalt higher toque models they have an anti lock control or ALC that monitors current to the motor and shuts it down during lock up situations. All of Dewalt drills come with a two finger trigger to help prevent fatigue.

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Dewalt Drills – Dewalt offers a lot of drill sizes ranging from 3/8″ to 1/2″ chuck size and amp ranging from 5 to 7.8. For use around the house the 1/2 will be more than enough as most of the time you will not use a 1/2″ bit. Dewalt makes a nice keyless chuck (Jacobs-keyless). Usually when you get into a bigger drill they come in keyed chuck because of the power. Dewalt drills have an extra lock feature on the chuck that prevents any slipping of the bit.