Dewalt makes one of the most powerful cut out tools on the market. The Dewalt cut out tool doesn’t require any tools to change the blade as some other manufacturers do. The body is slim, which will cut down on forearm fatigue. The tool also has an on/off bump switch which makes operation very easy. Most manufacturers have about the same options, but Dewalt is know for theirs because of the slim design and the sturdy construction. A cut out tool is the one tool that really does get dropped and kicked around a lot.

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Dewalt Cutouts – Dewalt offers one main cut out tool. The cutout tool has a 5 amp motor with a no load speed of 30,000. The Collet accepts both the 1/8″ and the 1/4″. The difference between the models are whether it comes in a case, no case or has extra handles. If you are using it just on drywall, you won’t need the handle. If you decide you might use it on other materials for wood working the handle will come in handy.