Dewalt Circular Saw

Dewalt makes some of the best saws on the market and the Dewalt circular saw is one example. Besides having an incredibly built motor with top notch materials, Dewalt also made the outside casing great. Some of the Dewalt models are made with a high strength base that will withstand a one story fall. The Dewalt saw is one of the lightest saws on the market. The saws have a low guard design that improves performance when making beveled cuts. Dewalt doesn’t make a traditional worm drive, but as you can see by the power and torque, their saws have the same ratings.

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Dewalt Circular Saws – The Dewalt circular saws are all about the same size and have 15 amps. The primary difference between the models is the volts, no load speed and the bevel capacity. The bevel capacity is between 50 and 56 with quick locks at 45. The no load speed comes in at either 4,600 or 5,800. Volts are pretty constant ranging from 2,000 to 2,200.