Craftsman makes a wide variety of table saws.  They make everything from a portable saw to a full cabinet saw.  Before you buy a table saw, take a look at what you will be using it for.  A jobsite saw is nice, but make sure their is a little weight in case you have to cut a large piece of wood.  The lighter jobsite saws will tend to move the table when you cut large stock wood.  Craftsman doesn’t actually make these tools, they have other companies make the table saws for them.  If you find the saw you want, look at the first three letters in the model number. Then you can look at the Sears Product Code to see who makes the that model for Craftsman.

Craftsman Table Saws – Craftsman tables saws come in 10″ or 12″ with varying amounts of horse power.  Also, the motors they sell are both direct drive and belt drive, so take a close look at the motor when you make the purchase.  Most of the models accept dado blades, but take a look at which size they accept.

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