Craftsman sells a lot of miter saws and they have actually have added some new innovations to the market.  They are the first company who made the laser available on most models.  Currently they are the first to have all adjustments in the front, so miter adjustment is easy.  The craftsman miter saws are nice, durable, light and affordable.  Craftsman doesn’t actually make these tools, they have other companies make the tools for them.  If you find the saw you want, look at the first three letters in the model number and you can look at the Sears Product Code to see who makes that model for Craftsman.

Craftsman Miter Saws – Craftsman miter saws come in 8″, 10″ and 12″ blades.  They sell anything from a basic saw to the compound sliding miter saw.  Most of their saws come with laser which makes the work more accurate.  I always thought it was a gimmick until I used a laser and now think it is pretty cool.

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