Craftsman hand tools helped Sears to become known as a serious tool company.  Craftsman sells more hand tools than anyone else, and for good reason.  All Craftsman hand tools are guaranteed forever.  They are strong tools that last, even if you decide to use a socket as a hammer or drum sticks.  A word to the wise and I hate to admit it, but I have bought cheaper version hand tools and it was nothing more than a waste.  Cheaper tools use cheaper materials and cheaper manufacturing processing.  In return, the cheaper tools not only break easier, but they also strip nuts and bolts very easy.  You will pay a little more for the Craftsman hand tools, but they are worth every penny.

Craftsman Hand Tools – Craftsman offers a wide array of hand tools.  The offer mechanics, home owners and specialty hand tools.  You can buy the tools individually or as a set.  I would really suggest buying a set.  You can get a nice 150 piece set that will have just about every hand tool you will need.

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