Craftsman has long been in the market of selling cordless combo kits that are perfect for the home user, or the DIY that requires power and durability for prices cheaper than the professional tools.  I am not saying all of craftsman tools are less expensive, but sometime Sears has some great sales on their cordless power tool combo kits.  Craftsman doesn’t actually make these tools, they have other companies make the tools for them.  If you find the cordless kit you want, look at the first three letters in the model number. Then you can look at the Sears Product Code to see who makes that model for Craftsman.

Craftsman Cordless Kits – Most of Craftsman combo kits are the 19.2 volt, even though they offer an 18 volt system.  Craftsman offers different kits, anywhere from a two piece kit up and up. 

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