Head Quarters – Hoffman Estates, Illinois
Established – 1886 (Craftsman Launched 1927)
Parent Company – Sears Company
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Tool Known for – Hand Tools, Table Saws, Cordless Kits, Miter Saw



Craftsman is a brand of Sears.  Craftsman started in 1927 with axes, chisels, files, handsaws, hammers, hatches and die sets.  These were sold through the Sears catalogue.  Over the years Craftsman has made many innovations, but the three important ones were in 1966 when Craftsman introduced its first ratchet wrench with a quick and easy push button socket release.  In 1992 they added to their set by introducing a new planting process that was 50% more rust resistant than nickel chrome.  The third innovation was in 1991 when Craftsman introduced a high strength tool-steel blade with a grit blasted handle that reduced chipping in a screwdriver.  They also added a handle that could handle up to 40% more torque than conventional screwdrivers.

Today Craftsman is still a household name. Craftsman sells more hammers and striking tools than any other company.  Over 80% of the 5,100 craftsman tools are made in American towns.  Since 1927 Craftsman has sold more than 85 million pairs of pliers, 725 million screwdrivers and 28 million adjustable wrenches.

Sears has opted out of having Craftsman make their own tools.  Craftsman currently employees the idea of other companies making the tool for Craftsman and Craftsman putting their name on the tool.  I have compiled a list of companies who make tools for Craftsman.  This is a list for all of Sears, but craftsman is Included in the list.  Just look at the first three numbers and compare them to the list to find the manufacture.  Sears Source Product Code List. 

Craftsman makes a great line of power tools for the more advanced home user or DIYs. In addition, their hand tools are top notch and most mechanics would love to have their line in the garage.  I have spoken with many carpenters and tradesman and they all agree that their hand tools are great and the power tool line is great for home users.  A lot of the tradesman tend to have Craftsman power tools at home because they are less expensive.  They like to leave their other tools strictly for work.


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