The Bosch Rotary Drill is one heck of a tool, not to mention fun. I use this to set Tapcons in concrete all the time and it is truly an awesome machine. It won’t slow down, and takes for ever, if even, to heat up. This tool will outlast most workers any day. The circuitry provides soft starts, which make it easier on the user. The rotary drills have a vario-lock which allows the user to lock the chisel into 36 different positions to help get the angle you need.

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Bosch Rotary Drills – Bosch offers the rotary drill in SDS bits. These bits are more expensive, but they are a snap to change and they stay in place. There is a 7/8 model for light use, it still will break through all most anything and a large 2″ for extremely heavy use. The 7/8 is the perfect model as it has the three settings: drill, hammer and hammer with rotation.

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