If you have to own one Jig Saw, let it be the Bosch. I have owned a couple different manufacturer’s models, but I have to say the Bosch has been the best. Most of the people I have spoken with also like the Bosch Jig Saw. They are tough and rugged. The Bosch Jig Saw has a precision Control System that cuts down on the blade wander. They are easy to control when cutting.

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Bosch Jig Saws – Bosch offers their Jig Saw in a corded or cordless version. The Bosch Jig Saws are some of the most powerful jig saws on the market. Some key advantages the Bosch jig saw offer are one touch blade changing and precision system for straighter cuts. They offer a variety of amps, but the 6.4 amp is the most common found in the Bosch jig saw motor. I would make sure you buy a variable speed because different materials require different speeds.

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