Bosch offers some great cordless kit combos. The new Blue Core battery technology based on the NiCad batteries make the combos even more attractive. The new Blue Core gives a longer life and charges the batteries in 1/2 hour compared to the 1 hour it normally takes. Most of their kits come with the most common tools such as a drill, saw and light. Depending upon what you need, they also offer reciprocating saw, impact wrench, jig saw and other tools.

2005 is the year Bosch came out with their new blue core battery that increases battery life by 50% and cuts charging time by 30 minutes.

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Bosch Cordless Kits – These are great kits to own. One nice thing about a kit is having one charger, instead of owning a couple different brands and having multiple chargers. Bosch offers most of their kits in 14.4, 18 and 24 volt systems. Even if you own an older Bosch cordless tool, the new Blue Core batteries will work on your tool.

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