Festool makes a couple different routers to meet your needs.  So depending upon what type of work you need to complete, you can find a router that suits you.

Festool routers offer a lot of power for their size and weight.  They are easy to maneuver and make perfect cuts.  Once nice feature of the Festool routers is their MMC electronics.  With most routers, when the work gets heavy, a router will bog down.  With the Festool router, this doesn’t happen.  It provides a constant speed which produces a better quality cut.  You can make adjustments for the type of material you are working with.

They also offer another great feature.  Most routers demand two hands to change a bit, and therefore two wrenches.  With the Festool router, you have a Ratcheting spindle, which means you need only one wrench to change the bit.

If you are looking at a router, take a look at Festool routers. They offer even more features than mentioned above.  These routers will not let you down!