Festools offers two main types of drills, one with a “D” handle and the other with a traditional drill handle.  The Festool drill is a little different than other types of professional power tool drills.  One of the biggest differences is they use a “Brushless” motor.  According to Festools, this drill will last longer because you have fewer items to wear out.  Another nice feature of the”brushless” motor, is efficiency.  This means you can do more work without hitting the charger as often.

Festool drills have a Fastfix chuck system.  The Fastfix system is basically their quick lock system so the shank is locked in and you don’t have to tighten a chuck.  This drill comes with a variety of accessories, so in essence it can be a 5 in 1 drill.

These drills have a lower over all design which makes them slim.  This lets the user get into tighter spaces.  As you can see by the picture, you don’t have the traditional bulky battery.

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