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Wilton Tradesman Vises: Quality American Craftsmanship

To me, a bench vise is easily the coolest piece of shop equipment there is. If you’re setting up new bench, the right vise can really make or break the build and Wilton’s “bullet” vises are about as sexy as vises get. I’m not saying women are going to start throwing themselves on you because you have a Wilton bullet vise on your bench, but you’ll certainly feel like they should. Like seemingly everyone else that makes anything worth owning has at some point, Wilton hails from Chicagoland. Starting out just before the United States entered WWII, Wilton grew...

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Wilton 10010 All-Terrain Vise – The Vise that Goes Everywhere

A vise is a great tool.  It can be used for clamping your work and even for shaping/bending material.  The only thing that sucks about a vice is that it is usually stationary.  Well now Wilton has the ATV vice.  It basically fits in any 2″ receiver hitch, it even comes with a 2″ sleeve that you can mount to a trailer or your workbench.  It is held in place by a single hitch pin, that means it takes seconds to move it from place to another. When in the hitch of your truck it has set screws so you can...

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Yost Compact Bench and Clamp on Vises

Yost knows vises, for over 100 years they have been making quality vises right here in the USA.  We fell in love with the quality of Yost when we reviewed the 865-D earlier this year.  The vice has held up even to the toughest abuse of flattening out metal plating with a hammer. Once you purchase a Yost it will last you forever. First let’s talk about the RIA-4 compact 4″ bench ise with the 360° Swivel Base.  The vise is compact for a variety of precision work, it is compact so it will pretty much fit anywhere.  The replaceable serrated jaws grip...

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Yost 865-D 6-1/2″ Multi-Purpose Reversible Combination Vise

A vise is a great thing to have and a must have for any shop.  Yost vises have been around since 1908, that’s as long as Bob Villa has been around!  They are known for building precision machined vises that can stand the test of time.  A Yost vise will last a lifetime and quite possibly your kids’ and grandkids’ lifetime.  They are for the professional that cannot afford downtime and needs made in the U.S.A precision quality that the Yost vice provides. Check out Yost on Amazon It all starts with the box, the vise arrives in hefty box...

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Wilton – 745 5″ Mechanics Vise 21400 – Review

A bench vise has many uses and is a must have in any garage or workshop.  Wilton makes some good vises and we recently came across the 745 5″ vise.  It has a 5″ Jaw Width, 5-1/4″ Jaw Opening and a 3-3/4″ Throat Depth.  The swivel base moves freely and quickly locks via double lock downs.  Both the steel top and pipe jaws are easily replaceable with a Phillips screwdriver. This vise was built to last and has a quality powder coat finish.  There is no need to grease this vise, it uses a permanently sealed system.  Basically the grease stays in the shaft...

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