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Ridgid Gen5X 18-Volt Brushless Vacuum R86090B

What can I say about Ridgid?  I like to call them the hidden gem of the tool world.  I think there are a lot of people in the world that overlook them.  All most every tool we have tried for them is high-quality tools.  In fact, when we have tool fights, Ridgid is always one of the top performers.  So with that said, today we are going to look at the Ridgid wet/dry handheld 18V vacuum. The Ridgid vacuum is a wet vacuum which means it can pick up water or other liquids.  As you can see, the canister...

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Milwaukee M18 Compact Vacuum – 0882

If this vacuum is anything like the Milwaukee M18 0880-20, this thing is going to be a winner and everyone will want it.  I have owned the 0880 since it first came out and this thing is still running strong.  We use it almost every day from cleaning out the truck to sucking water out of our pit and everything in between. The new Milwaukee M18 compact vacuum seems to be just as cool, but with a twist, which is one thing I am digging about this vacuum.  You can either use it standing up to get a larger area...

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Bosch VAC090A 9-Gallon Dust Extractor

The Bosch VAC090A is a dust extractor that has been around in the Bosch line up for over 2 years.  However we never had a chance to try one out, so we figured what better time than now?  Dust extractors don’t only keep your shop or job site clean, but they can also offer protection and safety.  You can use bits like the Bosch speed clean which hooks up directly to this extractor.  Yes, you keep your area clean when going through concrete and also save time by drilling and extracting at the same, but it also protects the...

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Ryobi 18V Hand Vacuum

As you know we have becoming huge fans of Ryobi.  Over the years Ryobi has really stepped up their game.  They now have over 50 different tools for their 18V one plus system and it doesn’t look like they are stopping. I know there isn’t much to talk about when it comes to handheld vacuums, but I will tell you this really surprised us.  I wouldn’t think this would have much suction, but it does a great job.  Get this, this vacuum only cost $25 at Home Depot.  Now if your looking for a handheld vac and have the...

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Ridgid 18-Volt 3-Gal. Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum WD0319

I love cordless vacuums because I hate dealing with a power cord.  It always seems like with a cord, I am getting it tangled up or it’s catching on something.  In the end I just end up swearing, cursing and breaking things, so I would like to thank Ridgid for making my life a little easier. The 3 gallon vac runs off your existing Ridgid 18V batteries, so no need to invest in any new batteries.  As you know, vacs take a lot of power to run, so the run time on vacuums are usually pretty short.  I am not sure...

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