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OLFA Utility Knives – Sponsored Post

What’s your most reached for tool in your tool belt? Whether it’s a pen to make cut marks on wood, a straight edge to remove stubborn stickers on new windows, or even a pocket knife – consider lightening your load with one simple and strong utility knife. OLFA® utility knives, with their high quality carbon tool steel snap-off blades makes jobs easy and quick. Not only can it handle the gentle projects, but the 25mm line of utility knives can cut through industrial and structural materials, like nylon, belt synthetics, clothing materials, sacks/bags, rubber, linoleum, carpet, fiberglass, rope, gaskets,...

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Dewalt Utility Knife DW10035

If you know Dan, one thing you know, well besides being disorganized, he is an impulse buyer.  He was at a big box store the other day and just had to buy the Dewalt utility knife model DW10035.  Not that he needed it for anything or was going to do anything with it, but he just had to have it.  He took it out of the package, opened it up, said this is pretty cool and then passed it my way.  He said, “Now just play with it, cut some stuff up and write the review.  Oh yeah give...

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Milwaukee FASTBACK Flip Pocket Knife 48-22-1901 – Review

As you know Milwaukee Tools recently launched its line of hand tools, which so far all have been very cool.  Along with their recent new product launch is the Fastback Utility knife.  We know, there are hundreds of them all ready out there.  What makes this one so special?  Well we thought the same thing when we fist heard about the knife.  But as soon as we got our hand on this, our minds changed. Before we did get our hands on this knife, we spent some time reading some reviews and looking at user feedback.  For the most...

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Work Sharp Review

About the Work Sharp The Work Sharp is a compact sharpening system and can be used for a wide variety of sharpening applications.  This machine is made by the same company that makes the Drill Doctor, Professional Power Tool Manufacturing.  The Work Sharp comes in two different models, the WS2000 and Ws 3000, you can see the side by side comparison on the Work Sharp home page.  For our testing purposes, we tested the Work Sharp WS2000. The Work Sharp WS 2000 can be used for a wide variety of applications such as grinding, sharpening, restoring, resurfacing, polishing, sanding and more.  Put is this way, if you have something that needs sharpening, the Work Sharp will most likely be able to sharpen it.  They even have an add on to sharpen knives. The Work Sharp uses a 1/5 hp motor to get the job done, and this spins the plate at 1750 rpm.  On the on/off switch there is a safety feature, so you don’t accidentally turn it on.  The base of the machine has preset holes, so a user can mount the sharpening to a work area.  On the side there is a chisel port that is at a perfect 25° angle.  On the top there is an adjustable tool rest to make the sharpening process even easier.  The 6″ wheel is slotted, so you can see the sharpening...

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