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Ryobi 7” Tabletop Tile Saw – WS722

Ryobi has come a long way over the years.  With Ryobi you seem to get a lot of tool for the money, this wet tile saw is no different.  Now I am not saying this is the best tile saw on the market, but for $130 you get a nice wet tile saw from a well-known company, Ryobi.  This has all the bells and whistles the other table top tile saws have such as bevel cutting, an adjustable fence and great water management.  The saw is pretty much set up right out of the box with very little to...

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Ridgid 8″ Tile Saw Review Model R4040S

Not too long ago we did a review of the Ridgid R4090, the Beast.  When Ridgid named that saw a beast, they weren’t joking.  That is one of my favorite saws around.  I have used it on numerous projects and it has done great every time.  Very smooth, easy to work with, easy to clean, great cuts and more.  Now we have a chance to take a closer look at the 8″ tile saw model R4040S which has some different features.  The Beast is more of a commercial saw, it has all the bells and whistles.  The R4040S is...

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Ridgid 10″ Variable Speed Commercial Tile Saw review – The Beast R4090

I am a huge fan of saws.  Anything that makes my life easier is always a plus.  However I can’t say I use tile saws everyday, but when I need one, I want one that works and is quality.  For a long time I have been using the Ridgid  R4020.  The saw has been great for what it can do.  The R4020 while it’s very nice, does have its limitations such as no bevel cuts, cutting capacity and more.  For a while I was just using the R4020 for some small bathroom jobs or small projects.  However when some...

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