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Milwaukee Thermal Imager 2258-21

As you know Milwaukee already has a 12v Thermal Imager available, it’s the 2260.  Now they introduced their new Milwaukee Thermal Imager, model 2258.  So what is the difference?  Sure there are some spec differences, but the biggest difference is price.  The 2260 retails for about $2,500, which makes this a little expensive for most contractors.  Now with the 2258, they have a thermal imager that is in the price range for most.  This one retails for about $500, a big difference. Thermal imagers are an invaluable tool for a bunch of different professionals.   Imagine an electrician being able...

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Seek Thermal Imager for your phone

Thermal imagers are not only cool to play with, but also very useful.  Seek came out with a miniature thermal camera that works off your phone.  Not only is it cool, but the cost is about $200 which is cheaper than most units.  With this unit you just download an app onto your iPhone or Android and your pretty much ready to go.  The app allows you to perform various functions with this thermal imager such as picking a color mode, you can take temperature (even has a high, low setting).  Plus you can take pictures or videos.  The...

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FLIR TG165 Imaging IR Thermometer

You really don’t know what you are missing until you use a thermal imaging thermometer.  There are a few on the market for the trades including the $2500 M12 Milwaukee imager which is a true thermal imager, the $900 DeWALT DCT416S1 imaging thermometer and now the $500 FLIR TG165.  In short an imaging thermometer mixes a thermal image with a real image and emulates an imager.  Unless you need high-resolution heat maps an imaging IR thermometer will do you just fine.  It is amazing how fast you can troubleshoot with this device. The unit has the ability to take a picture...

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DEWALT DCT416 12V Max Imaging Thermometer – Review

Thermal imaging technology has come a long way in the past few years and DeWALT has brought its new imager in at a pretty sweet price point at just under $1k.  Before we go into the DCT416, a few people have asked me to compare it to the Milwaukee Imager.  Well, to be honest they are in a different league from each other in both price and features.  The DCT416 does not have the resolution of the Milwaukee, but makes up for it with price, ease of use and battery life.  The DCT416 also has no calibration delay like...

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Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager 2260-21- Superhero Like Powers

If I could replace my eyes with thermal imagers I would!  It is absolutely amazing what this new sense of perception allows you to accomplish.  It makes you feel super human.  A thermal imager can diagnose problems before they happen and find things you would never see with the naked eye.  Later in this article I will show you some of the cool things I found with the M12 Imager. As you know Milwaukee is always expanding the M12 line with new tools.  Milwaukee wants to dominate the contractors tool bag and lately has been doing a really good...

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