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Hilti SID 2-A 12V Screw Fastening Driver

Go to any construction job and ask anyone if they have heard of Hilti and what they think.  I am pretty sure that everyone has heard of Hilti and everyone has something good to say about them.  With that being said, Hilti just came out with a new 12v line up and introduced three new tools.  With these three new tools, I can say Hilti did an awesome job and won’t disappoint any Hilti fan or anyone else looking to get into a 12v line.  In the new line up, they introduced a Hammer drill, an Impact driver and a...

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Milwaukee 2101-22 M4 Screwdriver – 4 Volts of Joy!

When you think about 4 volt tools you usually think of Ryobi’s 4V Tek platform, which is a good platform for the home owner.  Well, now Milwaukee tool is sharing some 4V love with the M4 screwdriver for the pro.  This pocket driver for the pro is quite handy to have around.  Like the DeWALT DCF680 that we just recently reviewed, this is designed for those light duty jobs like trim plates and ceiling boxes, and even cabinets.  Anywhere precision is needed and a standard 18V or even 12V is overkill, the M4 is the tool to use. The...

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Dewalt DCF680 8V Gyroscopic Screwdriver – Tool Tech

Last year we showed you the Black and Decker Gyro. We liked it for its innovation and ease of use.  Well DeWALT has just released an 8V line and the first tool just happens to have gyro technology.  The DCF680 is operated just like the B&D Gyro but with features and specs that the pro’s need.  Now when I say pro I don’t mean the heavy concrete industry worker who needs raw horsepower.  This tool is for light precision applications.  For high torque this is not the tool for you.  In fact, in our tests we found the gyro...

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WORX WX254L SD Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver – Review

The WORX SD to some is a gimmick and to some it is a great tool.  The fact that it looks and slides like a barrel on a gun gives it that gimmick factor, but yet it works so awesome.  It is the first screwdriver that includes an automatic bit changer that actually works and works well.  For odds and ends around the house this screw driver is great.  Load it with your favorite bits and they are always read to go and stay with the tool. The engineering of the tool is great and it works as advertised.  It comes with 2 cartridges with...

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Black and Decker Gyro Screwdriver – The Future is Here

Just when you thought palm screwdrivers were not cool comes the Black and Decker Gyro.  It is an innovative 4v palm held screwdriver that engages via the twist of your wrist rather than with a conventional trigger.  Rest your palm on the switch and twist, the greater you twist the fast it goes all the way up to 180 RPM.  Never before has 4v power felt so good,  it is spot on accurate and has some good torque.  No matter what angle you start at the gyro is relative, so once you engage the palm switch right goes right...

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