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Bosch RH432VCQ – Concrete Everywhere is Crying

When it comes to concrete, there is Bosch then there is everyone else.  I know by now you think I am a Fanboy for Bosch concrete and you know what, that’s okay.  They don’t pay us to make these statements, it’s just personal experience.  A while back I was a labor for a major construction company and my main job was to destroy concrete.  We used job bought tools and as I moved from jobsite to jobsite, I had a chance to try all the major players.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love Hilti also in the concrete...

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ROTOZIP RotoSaw+ Out with the Pros

Recently ROTOZIP sponsored us to go out and get the feedback of some drywall professionals.  The RotoSaw+ is perfect for drywall, it is why the tool was invented back in 1972.  The tool allows you to quickly cut out outlets, corners, light cans etc.  Whatever you need you cut in drywall the RotoSaw+ will do it faster and precisely. Today’s RotoSaw has a host of capabilities thanks to innovative circular attachments  This makes the saw a completely new tool and is great for cutting anything from tile to plywood.  Check it out below....

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Dremel 8050 8-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Cordless Rotary Tool Kit

Sometimes you need a small tool to get into delicate intricate situations.  Dremel has released the 8050 Micro, a lithium ion powered 8V max tool.  It doesn’t have the power of its cordless counterparts, but it has great run time and fits in your hand like a pen.  The ergonomics are great, I found it easy to control especially while engraving.  It can cut, buff, drill, engrave,grind, sand etc..  It is pretty much limitless as to what you can do with this tool and Dremel accessories.  It even comes with a small assortment of accessories like cut off wheels, sanding...

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Dremel 3000

We have done some Dremel reviews in the past such as the Saw-Max, Dremel Trio and the Cordless 8200 to name a few.  Now we are going to take a look at the Dremel 3000.  What is so special about the new 3000?  Well a couple of things.  Dremel indicated the new 3000 is redesigned based on feedback from users.  So let’s jump into the 3000.  The Dremel we are looking at came in the kit 3000-2/28 meaning this is the 3000 model with 2 attachments and a 28 piece accessory kit. The kit comes in a nice molded case. ...

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Milwaukee M12 Cordless Rotary Tool Kit 2460-21 – Review

Wisconsin is widely known for its cheese, but some may say it’s also known for the birthplace of the rotary tool.  While Dremel may have wowed us with the 8200, Milwaukee has upped the ante with the M12 Rotary Tool 2460-21. Part of the ever popular M12 line up and mated with the new REDLITHIUM battery, the Milwaukee M12 Cordless Rotary Tool Kit 2460-21 is about to turn some heads. The 2460-21 comes with a nice soft case, a 30 minute charger (the Dremel 8200 takes an hour), 5 cutting wheels and mandrel, a wrench and is powered by M12...

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