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Bosch Compact Reciprocating Saw GSA18V-083B

Talk about a great addition to Bosch’s already great 18V lineup, the compact reciprocating saw is great.  As you can see this saw is more compact than the traditional reciprocating saws.  This makes it great as you can use this saw with one hand and have your other hand free to hold the piece3 of work you are cutting.  Also, you may notice this looks like some other compact saws on the market. Even though this is compact, don’t let that fool you as this is a beast and will keep up with anything you throw at it.  The tool...

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Milwaukee Sawzall One-Key – M18 Fuel Reciprocating Saw 2721

Not too long ago Milwaukee announced their new One-Key solution system for the contractor.  Since this launch I have read a ton about it, while I see a lot of positive reviews there are some who don’t see the benefit in the One-Key.  Now if you are not familiar with One-Key, the One-Key is a way for the user to set up their tools for their work.  A user can match the tool to their application  When a manufacturer designs a tool, they have to give it a balance between speed and torque.  However, some users may want the...

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Makita Reciprocating Saw – 18V & 36V Brushless

You may or may not know, but Makita has two new reciprocating saws available.  Now as much as these are the same, there is one big difference.  The XRJ05Z is an 18V saw and the XRJ06Z is a 36V saw.  Believe it or not, both saws run off their 18V platform.  So you may be scratching your head and wondering how does a 36V run off an 18V platform?  Simple, (Well maybe not from an engineering perspective), but from an understanding perspective, it’s not complicated.  The 36V Makita reciprocating saw uses 2-18V batteries.  Looking around online and hearing from...

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Kobalt 24V Cordless Power Tools

You may remember a while back we were fortunate enough to take a trip to Vegas and learn about the new Kobalt 24V line of power tools.  If you shop at Lowes, you are familiar with Kobalt tools since they are the house brand for Lowes.  I have to admit that when I heard Kobalt was coming out with new tools, I didn’t have high expectations.  Not that Kobalt was bad, it just wasn’t at the top of my list with their older version.  Awhile back they came out with some power tools, but then you never really heard from...

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Makita 12V Reciprocating Saw – Model RJ03R1

I have to say I am loving this new Makita CXT line of tools.  They are small and lightweight.  Today I am excited because we get to check out the Makita 12V Reciprocating saw.  As an FYI, we will be having the Makita 12V Drill/Driver and Impact driver coming up soon.  I can’t say we have had much experience with Makita, so it’s nice when we get a chance to check them out and try them for ourselves.  I know a ton of people always email and ask our opinion about these tools, so I am happy to share...

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